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Welcome to mytravelwebs.com:

Once you have registered and added a Trip(s), you will see your Trip line displayed on the 3d world Google Earth map. You can also see any of your friends or family's Trip lines if you choose as well.

By using the search engine you can find friends and add them to your web or groups.

A trip can be specified as private if you do not want anyone to view that trip.

So lets get started!!


you will need to register and create your profile like this. There are two ways to do this.


This will take you to the registry page. We require basic information. Email is not for sale or advertising but is used for requests only. You also have the choice of making your profile public or non-public. Note: Individual trips can be public or non-public also

Adding Trips:

After you have registered and logged in you can add a trip by opening up the house icon and clicking on Manage Trips

Now You're ready to add a trip

Click on add it will take you to the trip

Default Theme

Theme #2

After adding your trip details and uploading your photos you can choose between three different scrapbook themes

Theme #1

Now you can click on the World Icon and view your travel lines.

Viewing Trips:

Click on the pin to pop-up travel itinerary

Then the highlighted trip name and the scrapbook page will appear

Viewing trip details and pictures are easy. Also allowing you to leave comments to your friends about their trip

Experience more by:

Adding friends to your

Creating Groups
Have the ability to block

Make certain trips private
Visiually document past

prasent and future trips
Add more at