About Us

We've all been asked, "Where have you been?" or "What have you done?"

I've traveled the world for two decades and always wanted an organized way to remember my trips, something more than just a scrapbook or computer file.  So, I created an easily-accessible, comprehensive online travel scrapbook, www.mytravelwebs.com, where you can monitor all of your past travel experiences and future travel plans as well as compare them with other people's trips.  Who knows, maybe you have been or will be in the same place at the same time or even been in someone's pictures.

I hope you enjoy sharing your travels as I have.


Share where you've been and where you’re going by creating a profile on mytravelwebs!

Our website was designed so you can share your travels through creating a web of colorful travel lines on an Earth map that showcase past, present, and future destinations to family, friends, and others.  You can easily compare your travels through sharing trip information and pictures with others.  Create your own visual passport by logging your travel experiences on mytravelwebs!